Feeling Haute, Haute, Haute!!!

Almost one year to the day, life handed Haute-House owners, Casey and Harry, a whole lot of lemons. While sipping fruity cocktails in tropical paradise they received some dreadful news, Haute-House was up in flames. Instead of packing up shop and moving to a condo on the east side, Casey and Harry decided to make one hell of a comeback. If Britney could, anyone could.

Like any traumatic life occurrence, what happened next was a rollercoaster of emotions. Friends, family, employees and suppliers greeted Casey and Harry with open arms and encouragement. Rebuilding was inevitable and began faster than it would take for someone to yell “slow down.” This ride was not stopping.

With customers prepaying orders months in advance to help boost production and a bevy of relentless friends and employees working double time, Haute House was gaining momentum.

With the new retail showroom in place, fresh collections dropping, and a global assortment of textiles arriving daily, Harry and Casey are determined to make Haute House bigger and better than ever and to make glamour accessible for everyone.

Instead of shriveling up when life handed Casey Fisher and Harry Marshall lemons, they squeezed the hell out of those suckers and made lemon drop martinis for their friends. Bottoms up!